Thursday, November 10, 2005

Is Iraq No Longer Politically Correct?

Just a thought. It seems to have been some time since a major politician has gone over to Iraq to "rally the troops" or indulge in a photo-op from either Britain or the US. I wonder why? Is Iraq no longer a cool thing to associate oneself with?



Jay said...

Somehow I don't think Bush will fly over to serve a plastic turkey this year. Tomorrow is Veteran's Day here in the U.S....maybe he'll visit a grave.

There's plenty of them because of him.

jane said...

I wish our leader went over there & STAYED over there.
OMGOSH that turkey was plastic?
God I hate that f*cker

sandegaye said...

I don't think even Bob Hope would've toured this yr.
Even the sheep & poodles who support His Ass-ness are sick of it.
Bring the troops home & Impeach the bastard!

James said...

"British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, paid a surprise visit to Baghdad Thursday (Nov 10)..." - Islamic Republic News Agency

"[US] Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made a surprise stop in the troubled Sunni stronghold of Mosul in northern Iraq on Friday (Nov 11) - Houston Chronicle

"The Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, will make an unprecedented visit to Baghdad this week..." - The Telegraph

Mark said...

Thanks James,

Funny how they are not advertising it as widely as they did before.

Come on, don't be a wazzock. Iraq is now poison for any politician to nail his colours to.