Tuesday, November 01, 2005

American Civil War; Part 2?

What on earth is Bush up to? After one of the worst weeks of his Presidency, any sensible person would be looking for ways to mend fences, not looking round to destroy others. Bush has now offered up his latest nomination for the Supreme Court, an Appeals Court Judge, Judge Samuel Alito, a man clearly on the right of the political agenda.

From where I sit, this is going to divide Americans far more than unify them. The majority of Americans would seem to want a more central, liberal administration, while Bush is intent on pandering to a white, protestant, probably racist, anti-gay, anti-women, anti-choice minority. How much longer are the silent majority going to remain silent. The longer they wait, the more difficult it will be to reverse the changes. From this side of the Atlantic, we don't get to hear of any action from the Democrats. The only one who ever seems to be quoted here is Senator Kennedy. Is there no-one who is prepared to put their head above the parapet for the sake of the soul of America?

Over here we, too, are suffering from a lack of an effective opposition. All kinds of draconian measures are being pushed through at the moment. Recently, I signed the pledge to not apply for an ID card when they come on line. Mind you, it does raise a strange surreal thought; if I don't have an ID card, - how will they know?, and if they arrest me, how will they know it is me if I don't have an ID card?, and if they do know it is me, then why the hell do I need an ID card?

Why don't we have Governments that govern for all the people and just for themselves and their friends.


sandegaye said...

You're right Mark.. Bushit has gone 'begging' to his elite-base.. the far right.
Here's hoping the closed door meeting of the Dems will start the ball rolling toward Impeachment of this buffoon! And his scurilous little friend Cheney.

Jay said...

You have to understand how this group of criminals operate. See...right now top officials in the White House are being indicted. Like Watergate, this will lead right up to the top. Questions finally being raised about the lies leading to war and the profits made by those same liars. This is treason. Bush needs a distraction...and what better than to occupy the congress (and the media) with a political brawl.

Smoke and mirrors. Rather than get all worked up about a nominee...we need to get worked up about arresting and putting der monkey in prison.

Mark said...

I agree. I've just heard that Australia has gone on alert of a terrorist attack, just when the Government is trying to get its draconian anti-terrorist legislation through Parliament.