Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Thanksgiving Day

Tomorrow, the 4th Thursday in November, is Thanksgiving Day in America. The first Thanksgiving Day was in 1621 after a very successful harvest. The day was celebrated with 91 Indians who had, the previous year, help the Pilgrim settlers survive appalling conditions.

The story can be read here and it is one that all mankind would do well the think on.

I wish all Americans the most peaceful of Thanksgiving Days.



MoxieGrrrl said...

Thanks, Mark.

Here's wishing you an early Happy Fat Man in the Red Suit Day :)

Eddie said...

I've often wondered whether Thanksgiving is as commercialised as Christmas? From what little you see over here on TV about the holiday, I get the impression it isn't.
I hope so.

Mark said...

Thanks Moxie, the girls are probably looking out for Santa, but give me a pint or 2 of my favourite beer, and I'm content.

Eddie, it does seem to be an important part of American culture, but perhaps it's too precious to mess with.

Jay said...

Unfortunately, we killed them the next year. That's gratitude for you.

jane said...

Unfortunately, much of our history is made up of fairy tales. No, there was no turkeys. No black clothing, no shoes with buckles. George Washington never even cut down a cherry tree! (that's not tied to Thanksgiving)
Thanksgiving is one of my least favorite holidays. But I think I may be a bit of a scrooge. I'm not real big on anything commercial. I much prefer making things & giving gifts like that.
Anyways, thank you for your kind words & I hope you have a very nice weekend.