Saturday, March 04, 2006

God Deserves Better

First Bush, now Blair.

In an interview to be screened today, Tony Blair says that "If you believe in God (the judgment) is made by God."

Mr Blair told chat show host, Michael Parkinson, how he had struggled with his conscience when making decisions about a potential war in Iraq.

"When you're faced with a decision like that, some of those decisions have been very, very difficult, most of all because you know... these are people's lives and, in some case, their deaths," he said. "The only way you can take a decision like that is to try to do the right thing according to your conscience." He went on: "I think if you have faith about these things, then you realise that that judgement is made by other people... and if you believe in God, it's made by God as well."

When asked if he had prayed to God on the matter, he replied: "I don't want to get into that...but yeah, of course, you struggle with your own conscience about it... in the end, you do what you think is the right thing."

Reg Keys, whose son was killed in Iraq, said Mr Blair was "using God as a get-out for total strategic failure" and his comments were "abhorrent".

Mr Keys, who stood in the 2005 General Election as an anti-war candidate in Mr Blair's constituency of Sedgefield, said religion had nothing to do with the Iraq war. "And the people who will be his judge is not God, it will be the families of the bereaved British soldiers and it will be the families of the bereaved innocent Iraqis who have all been slaughtered in this totally unnecessary conflict."

Mr Keys' son, Lance Corporal Tom Keys, was one of six Red Caps killed by an Iraqi mob in Majar Al-Kabir in June 2003. He is also the founder of campaign group Military Families Against The War, and said going to war had been a "catastrophic political blunder".

He accused Mr Blair of "jumping on the same bandwagon" as US President George W Bush, who has claimed that he decided to invade Iraq because he was on a "mission from God".

"Are we really seeing over 100 coffins coming back (to the UK) because God told him (Mr Blair) to go to war?"

Rose Gentle, whose son Gordon was killed in Basra in 2004, said: "A good Christian wouldn't be for this war. I'm actually quite disgusted by the comments. It's a joke."

I assume that God insistend that they both lie to ensure that destabilisation of the middle-east could go ahead according to God's design. The sooner the world is rid of these two dangerous, and now clearly unstable leaders, the better.

But with all this 'evidence' building up, then clearly the desicion to go to war was God's not Bush and Blair. So stop blaming them and blame God.


sandegaye said...

Shame on Blair for playing the 'God' card. You can see all the good it did his Master.. Bushit.

bonnie said...

Missions from God should be left to the Blues Brothers.

jane said...

Yep, God is the scape goat on this one. Goodness knows, Bush has one for everything.