Thursday, March 30, 2006

War Criminals Not Welcome Here

This week sees a visit from US Secretary of State (and Bush's toilet nanny). She is visiting the Blackburn constituency of Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, and will be visiting 2008 City of Culture, Liverpool, over the weekend. This is nothing more than a personal photo opportunity for her, and given the GOP's record in using photos (see Moxiegrrrl's post here), it will be interesting to see how and where they are used.

As one of the top US war criminals, we do not want her here.

She is not welcome. But, unsurprisingly in Blair's Britain, civil liberties are being brushed aside as legal protest will not be allowed within her hearing. We wouldn't want to upset the sensitivities of such a warm, sensitive and compassionate person, would we? She may even want to go shopping for shoes on Bold Street! No, just clear all protest away.

This woman is a major player in the illegality of the Iraq war, Guantanamo Bay and a supporter of rendition, - the secret transporting of uncharged, innocent people to be tortured in other countries. Perhaps, for once, the police could actually arrest the right person, - but I'm not holding my breath.

Clearly, this woman has no shame and very little sense of morality. We should send here back to the cess pit that is GOP Washington as soon as possible.


Jay said...

Don't send her back here, we don't want her either. Scoot her on over to the Hague and put her on trial. You can send Blair to keep her company.

Mark said...

Good point Jay, never thought of that.

sandegaye said...

Good plan! She can start setting up housekeeping before the 'evil axis' of Cheney/Bushit/Rumsfeld gets there.