Friday, March 31, 2006

Two War Criminals At Large, Sighted in North-West England

Two wanted war criminals, Condoleeza 'we don't do torture' Rice and Jack 'I'm clutching at..' Straw were seen at large in Liverpool and Blackburn last night and today. The pictures here, give proof to this statement, though local residents were astounded by the behaviour of the police who refused to arrest them.

One resident was overheard to say, "The police just did nothing. They just stood around while these terrorists, responsible for thousands of deaths, accosted school children in a local school, attempting to poison their minds with their own particular brand of hatred and bigotry. The police actually looked as if they were protecting them as if they were people of importance and note. I'd write to my MP, except he's New Labour as well!"

Condoleeza 'yes you can go wee-wee' Rice did say that in a democratic country, there should be the right to protest, "I get it in every town I go in America."

Pity she doesn't get the message.

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sandegaye said...

Oh heavens, my condolences on our trash blowing about your country..

Watch the shoe stores! The woman is a demon in places like that.

jane said...

They don't even let protesters get near regime members anymore. The president's speeches are almost all in front of crowds that are pre-screened & supportive.
I'd love to see them arrested & held accountable for their actions.