Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The Knives Are Out

It is reported that senior ministers, headed by Charles Clarke; the Home Secretary, are now openly criticising Jack Dromey, Labour party treasurer who instigated an investigation into the 'loans' issue now embroiling the Labour Party.

£14million were raised for election funds by the use of loans which, unlike donations, do not need to be declared as long as the loans are offered at commercial rates. Recently, however, this has come back to bite the party on the bum, when some of these lenders were turned down for honours, while others were getting increased contracts for Government work. All the hallmarks of sleaze that mired the last Conservative government. New Labour promoted themselves as being different, purer, more honest and yet here we are, back to the future!

Mr Dromey only launched the enquiry when he heard about the loans through the media. He says he has no knowledge of them, or how they were processed through the accounts.

How does a treasurer NOT know about such things as loans?

Anyway, party luminaries are not happy with this course of action, and his abilities are now being questioned by senior ministers. A rift is opening up between the Labour party and the Labour government, and this could all become a bit dirty. It is a real disappointment to me that a left wing party and government could allow itself to be bogged down in a scandal one would more likely to associate with the right.

The fundamental question remains. Who do our politicians work for, the voter or those with money and influence?


Eddie said...

Hi Mark,
Whilst agreeing with the general thrust of your article, I feel I must take issue with you regarding your use of the phrase, "left wing." Since when can a party that has made more privatisation inroads into the health service and education than even that bastion of the far-right, Thatcher, be described as either left-wing, or as in one of your earlier replies to a comment, socialist?
Eddie, the dyslexic socialist.
"Workers of the world untie!"

jane said...

You'd think these people would know they'd get caught. Afterall, it's their own system that's catching them. All political parties are corrupt. Period.