Friday, March 24, 2006

Now Photographers Are A Threat

I confess. I enjoy taking pictures. I'll snap a few shots when I get the chance, or something catches my eye. I also like to share my photographs, and people are welcome to view my public pictures on Flickr. I've even got a badge you can click to take you to my page on Flickr somewhere down there on the left.

However, I feel I am responsible and sensible when it comes to taking pictures, so it comes as a shock to read about a photographer doing exactly what I would be doing, - except, he was arrested!

After reading the story, I honestly had as much sympathy for the police as I had for the photographer. It does seem that the administration in America has ratched up the hysteria to such a point that a photographer taking a picture of a public building from a public place was arrested and held for over 2 hours, because the police on duty thought he was a threat.

Could this happen here? Would I be arrested if I took pictures of the Old Bailey, or the Houses of Parliament? When are our governments going to release us from this atmosphere of fear and hysteria? For goodness sake, lets reclaim our lives from fear before it's too late.


Barb said...

I believe it's against the law to take pictures in the subways or platforms for the trains in Chicago. They're worried about terrorists making plans and stuff.

sandegaye said...

you're right.. we are now an uber-fear-based society. Thanks Busheviks!

Amie said...

wow! and i do like taking pictures too. everywhere i go.
btw you got awesome photos on your flickr

jane said...

I hope you guys learn from our mistakes before it's too late. I'm afraid it's already too late here.