Thursday, January 26, 2006

Blog Renting

As you can see, I've now decided to try my hand at blog renting. This is a totally new venture for me, I want to know what the world of Blog Estate is like, and whether I can make it to be a blogionaire.

Anyway, my rent is very low (approved by the fair rent commission) as I want lively, interesting tenants that will help to make me look cool! So if you are one of those, it'll only cost you 10 credits.

I believe I will be a fair and kind bloglord, and will ensure that my blog is maintained in a good state of repair. I look forward to offers, and if I miss you first time round, then please re-apply.


sandegaye said...

Remember us peons when you come into your 'kingdom'

jane said...

I'm looking for your blog to rent, but I can't find it!! help!!!!
will you email me w/info @ please?