Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Fine Day Out

Just come back from a day out with the girls. This has given me an opportunity to play with my new toy, - my digital camera. You can find the set of pictures taken on my site at Flickr and a movie I made here. You will need Quick Time to play it. Do enjoy the pictures, we had great fun taking them.

Also, I've now tried the beer I talked about in this blog and was very intrigued by the taste. It certainly has character and a distinctive flavour, but I'm not sure it is one I could drink on a regular basis. But it is well worth finding and having a go.

I'm now going to slob out and dream of more pictures tomorrow!

1 comment:

sandegaye said...

Have you thought about starting up a micro-brewery & making your hobby pay off? You have the 'beer' gift, my friend.