Sunday, January 29, 2006

I Am A Bloglord

I have now embarked on my new career that is going to make me rich in blogger credits beyond my wildest dreams.

As you can see I have rented my blog to a truely remarkable bipolar blogger, Jane. Her blog is a regular stop for me in my daily trip around blogland. I can promise you, dear reader, that you will find something of interest in her writing.

For me, she comes across as an extremely caring, loving person, whose knowledge of all things blogging far exceeds my own. Jane shares her life with Tarzan and Cheeta, - a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig! There is no way you can pigeon-hole Jane. She writes what she thinks, - and with a real passion. When you visit, please let her know that you came from me, thanks.

To my other bidders, please return as I did find your blogs interesting, and I would love to have you on my site.

Jane, you are very welcome. Look after the place. Don't leave your washing up and please take out the rubbish.


Barb said...

Welcome to the business, you lordship. LOL

jane said...

I have to take out the rubbish?? Okay, but I don't do windows or toilets! (hey, who's the guest here?) lol

Thanks for renting to me Mark. Welcome to this newest addiction. :)