Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Jayne's Birthday

Yesterday saw the end of the official 3-day festivities to celebrate Jayne's 9th birthday.

Saturday was her birthday party to which invites went out to 20 plus little girls and boys. In the end, 20 turned up which meant that Jayne had a shed-load of pressies! Fortunately, I was at work. You can imagine how cut up I was about missing that bun-fest! Even Bethen managed to avoid it by making arrangements to go ice-skating with one of her friends.

Sunday, the Grandparents turned up for Sunday lunch, - of course, carrying more presents! It was a full meal of home-made tomato soup, roast lunch and pavlova to follow, rounded off with cheese and port (my father and I finished off the Stilton, - one of the smelliest and tastiest of the blue cheeses). I, of course, had got some beer in for Dad and myself. Badger Champion Ale to start off with, concluding with a shared bottle of McEwan's Champion Ale, - which at 7.3% is almost as strong as wine. It was a lovely family occasion.

Finally, it was Jayne's actual birthday yesterday, which turned out to be the quietest of the three. All in all, I think she had a great time.

Tomorrow, 11th January, I am hoping to publish a first and unique blog. Needless to say, I am very excited and look forward to the post with great anticipation. I hope it will be as fulfilling for you, dear reader, as I know it should be for me.

I noticed today that Califonia Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has had an accident on his motorcycle. What is it with Republicans and 2-wheeled vehicles? Clearly they are not balanced!

Finally, on Saturday, me and the kids are across to my Dad's to try and set up his PC for broadband. Could be fun!


MissWorld said...

Sounds like great festivities! Ohhhh, you said "McEwans". A friend turned me on to McEwans when I was in Edinburgh, and I've scoured Seattle ever since to find someone who imports it. It's a tough (and EXPENSIVE) find, but it's very much worth the treat from time to time.

Now that you mention it, I might have to get some this weekend. :) Hehehe, thanks for the motivation.

sandegaye said...

A belated Happy, Happy to Jayne. That's the way to do b-days.. drag them out over the course of a wk. Good for you for celebrating so heartily after the holidays! I'm a Christmas baby myself & always felt 'gypped'.
Looking forward to the new blog.. how mysterious.

None said...

it must be great to be 9 and enjoy a three day celebration of your birthday. wow. i think i'm going to do the same thing this year only i'll be 42!! as for the governator - did you also read that he did not have the appropriate motorcycle license?! he just didn't think about getting one. nice...

jane said...

lol I never thought about the balance thing, but by George...I think you've got it!
Happiest of birthdays to your little princess. :)