Monday, January 30, 2006

It's an ill wind.... Part 2

Energy giants on both sides of the Atlantic are poised to announce record profits, - running into billions of pounds! Apparantly Exxon Mobile and Shell have been raking it in on the back of soaring oil prices in 2005.

Exxon is set to reveal that it made a profit of £18billion and, Shell will report earnings of £13billion.

This will no-doubt please the 1.5 million people in Britain, according to official figures, who live in fuel poverty, - unable to afford the the fuel to keep themselves warm. This year's proposed 15% rise in gas prices is likely to drive up the figure to something like 2.3 million people. Fuel poverty is defined as households that have to spend more than a tenth of its income on heating.

But come on, let's not be churlish, those poor, hard-working executives need to live too. There's probably a new Ferrarri to buy and burn fossil fuels in. The shiverring poor need to be a bit more enlightened, and allow these people their profit.

Craig Bennett of Friends Of The Earth, said, "Shell and Exxon are making money out of climate change, by flogging ever more fossil fuels, ever more expensively."

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sandegaye said...

And can you believe that Exxon wants it's $5B penalty for the Valdez incident in '89, back? What balls!