Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I've Gone Digital!

Finally, after a number of years thinking about it, and a Christmas without film for the camera, I've splashed out and bought a digital camera.

It's an Olympus MJU 800 compact digital which seems to be so packed with features, I'll be learning about it for the next six-months.

While I still have great affection for my old film SLR, this camera is going to be a lot more convenient, - and lighter, to carry on bike rides and walking, so hopefully it will encourage me to get out even more.

These are the very first photos off the camera, but clearly they will not be the last. I will be attacking Flickr a lot more now I don't have to wait for processing.

Clearly, from the first few shots I've taken, I've got a bit of learning to do, but it's something I'm looking forward to.

Sorry about the kite flying yesterday, just my little way, but I was pretty excited about doing this blog, - so that part was true!


None said...

yeah! digital camera! yeah! looking forward to seeing a lot more pix on flickr. good deal.

Jackie said...

Great. Delighted to hear you are digital . For a free and very easy editing package go to . It is a free download and very easy and quick to use. it will resize for you to email too. Looking forward to lots more pix!!!

sandegaye said...

I love my digital.. & having had it for 3 yrs, have yet to read the manual to see what all it does.. ;o)

jane said...

I'm always envious when people figure gadgets out so quickly. Both Tarzan & I have Olympus cameras, albeit, mine is without a doubt a beginner's digital. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with the pictures you've taken, but I must admit, I'm looking at it from the, "So that's England!" point of view. I'm mesmerized.

Jay said...

Digital cameras are film to mess with and you can take tons of pictures instantly. I hope we'll get to see more of your world.

Mark said...

Thanks everyone and I'm really looking forward to mastering the little blighter. I've still got a lot of affection for my old SLR, it and me have been through a lot together and it has always performed, whether in desert, snow or mountain, - it has generally done well and given me some great pictures.

Thanks Jackie for the site, it is absolutely amazing what you get for no cost.

Jen: I hope Flickr has servers big enough for what I could be sending up there.

Sande: Your just like my Christine; "give it here and I'll take some pictures!" No appreciation for male psychology at all!

Jane: There will be lots of pictures of England in the future, particularly my "patch". I feel it has a tremendeous charm and character of its own.

Jay: I promise you, there will be plenty of my world, - so much you'll be begging me to stop!

Barb said...

Congratulations! I got one last Christmas but only just got a memory card for it a few months ago. Have fun!