Tuesday, January 17, 2006

If You're Going To Cheat, Ditch The Parrot

A story I spotted in today's newspaper which made me chuckle.

Chris Taylor's suspicions about his girlfriend, Suzy Collins' fidelity were first aroused when his pet parrot, Ziggy, an eight-year-old African Grey Parrot, screeched "Hiya Gary" every time Suzy's mobile phone rang. The parrot also made long, slurpy kissing sounds whenever he heard the name Gary mentioned on TV or radio.

Things finally came to a head when Chris cuddled up to his girlfriend, and Ziggy blurted out "I love you, Gary" in her voice! Miss Collins then broke down in tears and admitted to having a 4-month affair with someone called Gary. Needless to say, the relationship is now ended, but the distress for Mr Taylor did not end there. He also had to give away Ziggy, because the bird would not stop saying Gary's name.

Miss Collins said, "Chris and I had talked about splitting up - it was inevitable. But I'm surprised he's got rid of that bloody bird - he spent more time talking to it than he did to me!"

Finally, when browsing the internet to try and find a picture of an African Grey Parrot, I came across this site: Dandy, the African Grey Parrot which contains a diary, written by Dandy, from when he was 5 weeks old through to today.


sandegaye said...

Ha! How funny is that story.. & the blasted birds live for 50 yrs.. so the dramas just go on forever.

Jackie said...

So funny. It reminds me of a saying I had to write out 50 times when I was at school.. me and my friend had copied our Latin homework!
'Oh what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!'

None said...

That story made headlines over here! Too funny!

A friend of mine lived next door to a couple who had a cockatoo. This couple would regularly argue. One day my friend said she heard the neighbor lady yelling "F--- You, Frank" over and over. It turned out to be the bird, in it's cage out on the patio - mimicking the woman's voice. No one was even home at the time. ha!

And for this - poor Ziggy had to find a new home. That's sad!

jane said...

Poor Ziggy! Here he saves his owners hide by 'parroting' (heh, pun intended) what whats-her-face said & he gets the ax too? I hope he was placed with people who will treat him better than Suzy & Chris. bitches!

Barb said...

What a hilarious story! I do hope he finds a better home, as well.

zip said...

Fantastic story! I must warn... erm, tell, my friend who has an African Grey ;)