Monday, September 05, 2005

Back to Work

Today is my first day back at work after my 2 weeks off. There's lots of news I could be getting into, but the "joy" of being back at work, has driven all other thoughts from my mind!

It's good to know that jobs and responsibilities left to colleagues to manage and mind while I was away, were just left undone, for my return! I was ecstatic to find a report I had taken 3 days to set up so thoroughly messed up that I now have another 3-day job just to sort it out! It was lovely to get a call asking me to come in early, as a new campaign needed setting up, as no-one had bothered to do it while I was off. I just love arriving at work to find my inbox with 236 messages waiting for me! I'll need another holiday soon.

The news is still full of Katrina with the British embassy now getting a battering for lack of response. Just like the US Administration, clearly they don't listen to the weather forecasts, and were totally unprepared. Their excuse for not getting there were numerous and humorous. Apparently they needed "permission" to go to the disaster area, and they couldn't get in to the towns. Why didn't the cadge a lift from the news reports who all managed to get in pretty easily! Maybe its just a facet of Government that to get anything moving requires a great boot up the bum.

Finally, the White House has got its act together. Rice is now telling everyone that they should not play politics with the disaster as it would be dis-honourable to the victims, and un-named White House spokes-persons are saying that the mistakes were all made by the local politicians, so it's good to have that all cleared up. It's the Mayors fault that funding for Coastal defense was cut by 44%, it's the State Governors fault for allowing the wet-lands, which could have afforded so measure of protection, to be developed. Clearly it is not the White House's fault, because they say it isn't. Great - I wonder how many believe them?

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sandegaye said...

Not play politics?! All that 5th Ave shoe shopping must've gone to the poor gal's brain. If Bushit can't play politics, then he'll just take Halliburton's marbles & go home!

Have fun back at work.. ;o)