Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Fear Across The Web

I've just been reading Raed Jarrar's blog Raed in the Middle to find that he has felt the need to close his comments section. Raed is blogging from Iraq, and portrays a rather different picture of life there under the occupation, than what you would normally hear. Having left a few comments and encouragements in the past, I regret no longer being able to leave them.

His family are also keen bloggers and his Mother's site; A Family In Baghdad is also worth a read. From this site, you can get to Raed's brother's site where comments can be left.

Raed, if you read my blog, please take encouragement that there are some over here who hear you and desire a peaceful and prosperous Iraq with a true and democratic and independent (from US or UK) government. I have always found your blog interesting and thought provoking.

Keep going.

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