Monday, September 19, 2005

Google Bushwhacked and Politics by the Seaside

Have you ever typed the word 'failure' into google and seen what comes to the top. I have to admit, I didn't discover this myself, but found it on another blogsite. Talk about getting it right!

It is that time of year when our 'hardworking' politicians coming to the end of a short, but sweet three-month holiday (longer than Bush's) are invited to the seaside by their parties for the Annual Conference.

There was a time, many years ago, when I would avidly follow each and every conference looking for the kernel of truth that would offer the meaning of life. These people who feel they have the right to arrange, organise and control my life must be worth listening to. That enthusiasm then changed to one of Roman Games attendee, looking to see which party landed the best blows on the other parties - looking for blood on the floor. Now, for me, they have become an irrelevant anachronism peddling hope and fear in equal measure - particularly the 2 main parties, The Labour Party and the Conservatives.

This week it is the Liberal Democrats who have gone to Blackpool. I have been a life long supporter for the Liberals and then the Liberal Democrats as I feel that they are the party that consistently takes the moral and thoughtful line on the day's issues - even if what they have to say is likely to be unpopular. They were against sending troops to Iraq when the other 2 parties were falling over each other to prove how macho they were with other people's lives; they are the party calling for immediate recall of troops from Iraq to be replaced by a properly constituted UN force with all the equipment to do the job. But beyond that, they are the one main party that is not supported by vested interest such as big business or Trade Unions. They have always been a party of the grass roots, and it is from the patient growth from local to national party that has been the main secret of their successful growth. They have a tendency to keep their promises - how perverse!. As such, I believe they are better placed to speak to and on behalf of the vast majority of moderate, reasonably thinking people. I just hope that they can avoid the petty point-scoring and find something that will dispel the apathy and distrust that surrounds politics at the moment and make people once again believe that not all politicians are on the make.

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Alice: In Wonderland or Not said...

I wonder, politics just seem as though it is not for the people. I know we have to have elected officals to run a government but I really wonder with either party if we really have a choice any longer.