Sunday, September 25, 2005

Rita - The Aftermath

The main thing is that Meg and her family are OK and that it great. There sheltered and rode it out in a place called Spring (had to get the atlas out for that one) and it was so bad, she slept through it! The other irony is that the power went off in Spring, but not in Houston where they live!

Did they get it right this time? I'm not sure. Apparently, more people died on the evacuation than when the storm hit. After the chaos of Katrina, it was pretty obvious that there was likely to be an over-reaction with Rita. The only lesson to be learnt here, I believe, is look after the country you are charged with administrating and get it right there before invading or messing around in other people's countries and telling them how to live their lives. All thought and prayers for all victims of the two hurricanes.

Finally, just a brief note, we did an eight mile walk around Turton Moor yesterday, but as my wife had the map and compass, the total mileage was more like twelve! I'm sure she will dispute this (but I know I'm right!). I'll write about it once I have recovered both physically and emotionally.

New pictures on Flickr, a day out in Southport and a few others including the aged parents boozing at the Kirkless Hall and me and Jayne in Borsdane Woods, a local managed woodland close to home.

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Marks' wifey said...

And if you believe that a man would give a map to a woman (even when they are the better map reader) then your world must be ok