Friday, September 16, 2005

Bush Needs The Toilet!

Dubya must be one of the luckiest Presidents ever to have the active support and decision making abilities of Condoleezza Rice. Every President needs his mother figure, and obviously, Condi is Bush's.

Mind you, I know she is Secretary of State and her job is to follow the President around and attempt to clear up his messes, but being in charge of his toilet training is taking the job a bit too far in my opinion.

I only hope she reminded him to wash his hands afterwards. I suppose listening to all those boring speeches about poverty and real terrorism was getting to his bowels! Mind you, it's only the United Nations - so nothing important!

After a quick trawl through blogland, this picture is just about everywhere. Maybe this is the defining moment for the Bush Presidency. Why didn't he just put his hand up and ask to leave the room like every good boy?


Dingo said...

great minds think alike :)

Jay said...

This is so embarassing. The leader of the free world, commander of forces that could vaporize civilizations, a man who strides the halls of some of our history's greatest figures.....has to ask Condi if he can go pee.

Good lord....will we ever be rid of this monkey child?

sandegaye said...

I'm still shocked that he was able to spell the words!