Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

It is now being reported that there could be thousands dead as a result of the hurricane in the Gulf States of America. Rather than come out with something banal or irreverent, I just want to note that my thoughts and prayers are with all those who have suffered as a result, and wish them every success in rebuilding both their lives and their world. God bless.


sandegaye said...

Yes, all good thoughts & energies directed toward the refugees of Katrina. God be w/ them all..

Jay said...

For decades it has been predicted that a direct hit from a major hurricane would destroy New Orleans. As with many environmental was poo-pooed away because of the resources it would take to fix the problem. My heart aches for the thousands lost in this tragedy, but we often reap what we sow. Perhaps we can take the time to prevent future disasters rather than react after they have occured.