Tuesday, September 13, 2005

CIA Terror Flights from Britain

MPs from all parties are planning to campaign against the CIA's use of British airports and RAF bases when abducting terrorism suspects who are then flown to countries where they are allegedly tortured. The development was announced as the UN began inquiring into the operations, known in US intelligence circles as "extraordinary renditions".

To understand the true nature of what is going on with these renditions, Wendy Patten, U.S. Advocacy Director for Human Rights Watch spoke about this practice back in March 2005. Click here to read the text of her statement.

Andrew Tyrie, Conservative MP for Chichester, is setting up the group in Parliament after demanding information from the Foreign Office about the UK's involvement in US prisoner operations. He said: "I am appalled by what appears to be growing evidence of complicity by the British government in torture of terrorist suspects or people whom the US may have information on, which could assist them to prosecute the war on terror. I don't think the information that comes from torture is reliable, but more importantly, the use of such practices undermines the values we espouse. The damage to those values is far greater than any benefit we might gain from these practices." One of the few times I agree with a Conservative, but he is right. We have a choice, either to command the moral high ground, or sink to the level of the terrorists. America's Administration appears to want to do the latter, ours should be doing the former.

Sir Menzies Campbell, Liberal Democrat foreign affairs spokesman, said the government was going to considerable lengths to enter agreements with governments to try to ensure deportees from Britain would not be subjected to torture. But, he added, it appeared the government was "allowing free passage to the Americans to transfer people from one jurisdiction to another where they are likely to be subjected to torture".

He has also asked how many detainees are being held against their will on US vessels in territorial waters off Diego Garcia, the British Indian Ocean Territory, on which the US has a large aircraft base.

Chris Mullin, Labour MP and former Foreign Office minister, said of the use of British airports: "If the government's policy is against rendition, then we must make that clear. The franchising out of torture is wholly unacceptable."

Amnesty International is demanding the US "ceases the practice of renditions that bypass human rights protections".

The Guardian has established that aircraft used by the CIA in renditions have flown in and out of the UK at least 210 times since the attacks of September 11. Some of those flights were connected to the abduction of terror suspects.

About 150 men have been abducted over the last four years and flown to countries where torture is common. A few have been released, and have given harrowing accounts of their treatment. Human rights lawyers say the operations violate the UN convention against torture, and say the CIA agents involved may also be in breach of the 1988 Criminal Justice Act.

The present US Administration appears to be getting away with some major human rights abuses, and that can only continue with the active support of friendly Governments. We may only be a small nation, but we have a loud voice and we need to make it heard!


Eddie said...

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your comments on my blog. It was nice to have you back. Anyway, check out my post on Winston Churchill if you haven't already. I consider him your best leader ever. However, I admit my knowledge of the U.K. is lacking, other than it is filled with communists and your judges wear silly wigs.

Thanks, Ed.

Lawrence said...

It just amazes me what hypocrites my US government officials are. We have become such a nation of couch potatoes. There is no outrage from the citizenry when the CIA finagles these (torture) abuses, whether it is here or overseas. Yet we're up in arms when some other group (Iraqi or Al Qaeda for instance) torture one of our own.

If I didn't know any better, i'd think we were heading toward facism.

I like your blog Mark, it gives me a little insight to how some folks perceive us from abroad.

sandegaye said...

We are the proverbial pot calling the kettle black. We are the hypocrites of the world, incredibly sad..