Friday, September 02, 2005

Katrina - The Questions Raised

As the massive tragedy that is New Orleans and Biloxi and other places cross the southern gulf states of America certain questions come to mind. Watching the news, this morning, I was struck by the total inability of Bush to cope. I can't think of any other President in recent years who would have pulled in the previous incumbent and the President before that to bolster his image. I was even more amazed when Clinton said we mustn't make political capital out of this disaster. I'm pretty sure that if Clinton was still President, the Neo-Cons would be lining up to put the boot in!

Anyway, not wishing to make political capital, the following article by Sidney Blumenthal is well worth a read, and raises for me some questions that, unfortunately, are political in nature. Even here in the UK, we've known that things needed to be done to bolster the protection from the sea in the southern states.

But for those of us who do not live in America, the most shocking and shameful images have been the absolute poverty that people in the Worlds richest country, America, have to live. At times, I've thought that I was watching yet another disaster from Africa - even down to the colour of skin.

apparently, the Mayor knew 24 hours before the news was released to the population, that this was going to be a bad hurricane and that people should leave. Why wasn't that information given out immediately? Why wasn't that time used to gather together as much public transport as possible? Given it's long precarious position in "hurricane alley", why wasn't there a comprehensive evactuation policy and set-up?

Here in the UK, the impression is of a country that was prepared to allow New Orleans to go down. Those that had the means could get out - and boy did they get out, leaving those who couldn't, or didn't have the means to tough it out to survive as best they could.

This could be the biggest loss of life in America since 9/11. I just hope that Bush finally declares war on climate change and it's effects. His argument that soldiers are in Iraq to protect America, no longer seems valid, and those 300,000 men and women might now be better served at home caring for their neighbours.

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Jay said...

We will eventually be rid of Bush and his criminal cronies....but our country will pay a terrible price for having these people take control of our nation. Remeber us as we once were, we'll get there again someday.