Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Will Bush go to New Orleans?

At the time of writing, Bush has yet to set foot in New Orleans. He's flown over the place a couple of times, but not yet visited. Why?
  • It wouldn't be anything to do with the fact that New Orleans is a Democratic stronghold - or was?
  • It couldn't be anything to do with the fact that there might not be any reasonably good looking black people he can impose a hug to?
  • It wouldn't be anything to do with pictures of Bush with an entire city lost on his watch?
  • It couldn't be because he is frightened of being pictured with bodies floating down main street in the background?
  • It couldn't be because he is worried about people being less than appreciative at his efforts?

Thank God he's got Clinton and his Daddy to hold his hand! Thank God, that one man stayed at his post and did his job. Well done Dick Cheney - it was vital that he got all the contracts for his company set up and signed as soon as possible so that he and his friends could make some money out of this. Let's face it, some good has to come from all this.

I suppose the other good thing for Bush and Republicans is that if they can keep the reconstruction going for another couple of years, and dilute the evil Democratic voting people among good, honest, God-fearing Republicans, then that's one less Democratic enclave they have to worry about. Mind you, maybe some of those Republicans who come into contact with these people, might just realise the buffoon they have voted into office, and vote the other way.


Lawrence said...

I can tell you that Bush is breathing a sigh of relief that this happened now and not during his first term for fear of not being re-elected.

Jay said...

To hell with the "god-fearing Republicans", there's absolutely nothing that their master could do that would shake their faith. What I'm hoping for is that all those who really have never taken notice will finally start to realize what a dangerously incompetant boob is running the country. One thing you ought to remember about us over here, Mark....the people are generally slow to anger, but when we do get angry, we get rid of our leaders with ruthless dispatch. One of our greatest Presidents once said that you cannot fool all the people all the time.

Bush's days of power are numbered.

sandegaye said...

I think he's very happy that Katrina took the 5 second american attention span off of Cindy Sheehan, & on to something that he thinks he can turn around into a Yalie cheering squad. If he can shift enough 'blame' to the mayor & governor, & he can force himself to pat enough black-americans on the head.. then he feels he can dupe us like he did after 911.

Mark said...

God, I hope your right, Jay. The problem for us is that you can vote for your President, but the rest of the World have to live with him.

Sande, I've just read in the paper, that Bush is to lead the enquiry into what went wrong in the aftermath of Katrina. Clearly another detailed and impartial investigation about to get under way.

MissWorld said...

Now Mark, with all due respect I have to disagree with your post. See, George said he wasn't visiting New Orleans because he didn't want fanfare and pomp to get in the way of relief efforts. And, well, I believe him!

(yep, that was sarcasm - your points were all brilliant, Mark!)

Sadly I have to agree with Sande. The 9/11 spin cycle has already started. Just as it was "unpatriotic" to speak up then, it's labeled "unproductive" to speak up now. Those who are questioning the response efforts are being told, "Now's not the time! How dare you TALK when you should be ACTING!" We're being forced (again) into silence as the Neo-Cons put their spin on Bush's incompetence.

I fear in 1.5 months America will forget she was ever mad at George for his inactions.