Thursday, September 15, 2005

A Day Off

After a couple of "heavy" posts, I'm having a day off both from work and "profound" thinking! Mind you, I am keeping a eye on the UN Summit, watching the politicians ruin an institution the rest of the world generally wants and respects. More on that another day.

Today I've loaded more pictures onto Flickr. These include the parents watching the boats go down the locks at Aspull while enjoying the Lancashire countryside and beer; a bike ride along the Bridgewater canal which I described in a previous post - the colour of the water at Worsley has to be seen to be believed. The local authority wants to "clean it up" but the local people want to keep it as it is, as it is very unique. On balance, I'm with the locals on this as it is only dissolved iron ore, and as people aren't drinking it or swimming in it, I don't think it's causing much of a problem - there's even fish in that part of the canal, - and the colour is a stark reminder of a previous, industrial age.

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