Thursday, September 22, 2005

Hurricane Rita

With 24 hours to go before predicted land-fall, this storm is looking more serious than Katrina. The Gulf states, and in particular Texas are in for a real battering. I hope lessons have been learnt. It's interesting that President Bush has issued an emergency decree before the hurricane has struck, so maybe the message is getting through.

My newly married niece lives on the outskirts of Houston. My thoughts and prayers are with her, her family and all those that are about to go through something so severe that I have difficulty imagining what it will be like. I trust that she will follow all sensible advice to stay safe.


Jay said...

My parents don't live close to Houston, but close enough that they will probably have to deal with the tornadoes that Rita will spawn as it hits the state.

I find it increadible that we now have millions of refugees in our own country....and it seems to be no big deal to us.

sandegaye said...

Many prayers for your family Mark.. I have family in OK which will get some tornado action, as well.
I'm back online again.. yay!
We are still topsy-turvy w/ the frenetic unloading, unpacking, etc. But at least I can check in on my friends now.

Renewed Republican said...


Thank you for your comment, but you are mistaken I am not a libral but a renewed republican conservative. I tried being a libral but it was very frustrating when the people who you were trying to care about, supporting programs that would have benifited so many in the middle class .. well I just gave up and joined the right. But again, thank you so much for making my blog now offically inernational. Did your family have to go through the evacuation of Houston. Quite a trama I am sure. I hope hey are well and safe and soon back to home. Let me know what you think of my other right wing rants.. take care.