Thursday, August 04, 2005

Amazing Escape

I was amazed and very pleased to see that no-one lost their life - or even seriously injured in the plane crash at Toronto Airport. The pictures on the television were very alarming, and clearly something catastrophic had gone wrong, but the most serious injuries were sustained by people on the way down the escape chutes. Just occasionally, good news can come out of tragedy.

I learnt today after reading Cherokee Sage Woman's blog that the great leader of the Western World; President Bush, is likely to restart America's land-mine industry. What a great humanitarian he is. Clearly killing 100,000 innocent people in Iraq and Afghanistan is not enough, and wants to lay down little doorways to Heaven for more children, elderly people and innocents.

Quite seriously, I small part of me feels sorry for Bush. The man is living in a moral vacuum, and I believe he is ethically lost. Surely there must be some Republicans who must now be starting to doubt Bush. If so, they need to speak out before its too late. The Democrats had better start getting themselves organised, because the world can't cope with anyone else similar to Bush. What a sad man he is.

An incredible day at work today. Quite a few people off on holiday or sick, the lines go down to the order line, which means we need to pick up the slack, a new mailing has hit giving us thousands of pieces of mailing to cope with, along with a raft of new reports required for the boss. I am so looking forward to getting on the train home. (No doubt it will be late, and there won't be a seat). However, I do have to say that I prefer a busy day to one where nothing happens.

Manchester is living up to its reputation today - it rained!


sandegaye said...

Yes, amazing footage of the plane crash.. but knowing human nature, after the thrill of finding themselves alive, they'll be breaking their necks to get to a lawyer to sue the socks off the airline.

Life is precious..

Mark said...

You can be so cynical at times! but you're probably right.

Cherokee Princess said...

Hi Mark. Cherokee Sage Woman told me I should read your blog!
I can't imagine life being the same after experiencing something so scary. But I suppose you have to be ready for that change. Some people are never ready and continue to live life in the same way.
I'm very happy that they all survived.

sandegaye said...

But I'm cynical in a sweet & pithy way.. ;o)

My sarcasm gets me in deep doo-doo from time to time.