Tuesday, August 09, 2005

I had a haircut - by my 8 year-old Daughter

Today, my 8 year-old daughter gave me a haircut. This is not has tricky as it sounds in reality. Being follicle challenged, I have long dispensed with barbers, and generally run the hair clippers through my hair on number one. This tidies it up and it means it doesn't need to be done for a couple of months. It must have saved me a bundle over the years.

Anyway, Jayne wanted to do it, so I got the clippers and set up outside, and most importantly got Christine to supervise; and she went to it. I think she enjoyed doing it, but got bored after awhile, leaving Christine to finish off. Both the girls like stroking my head when it has been done.

I was very pleased to see Discovery got down OK and the astronauts are back on Terra Ferma. I know they have to put on a positive face, but I'm sure there must have been extra nerves as they re-entered. My hat is off to them, they are very special type of person, and in some ways I envy them. However, I'm not sure the Shuttle is the way forward for space exploration. I know there are advantages in being able to carry a large payload, perhaps 2 different types of craft could be used - sending the payload up in one, and the crew in another. I don't know, but I'm pretty sure the shuttle is not it.

My thanks to Cherokee Sage Woman for pointing me in the direction of the countdown clock to George Bush's exit from office. It's good to know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I just wish there was one for Tony Blair, but not even he knows when that'll be! Talking about Tony Blair, I'm really saddened by what has happened to him. Although I have been a lifelong Liberal and Liberal Democrat, of the 2 main parties, my preference is definitely towards Labour. Social Democracy and Justice has always been at the heart of Labour principle, and although they have, from time to time been incompetent, I have always felt that they were honest and had a true heart. Unfortunately, with this lot, and in particular Tony Blair, truth appears to have left the arena. In some areas, Tony Blair's lies were bigger than Bush's which is saying a lot!

Went for my first Physio today, and felt pain like I've never felt it before. At least the therapist is in no doubt that my shoulder hurts. On return home, we decided to have a BBQ, and while I and the girls were quietly standing by the incinerating meat, our Sparrow Hawk descended and took a Sparrow. It was almost silent. I saw a branch suddenly start waving in the tree at the bottom of the garden, and then the Hawk emerged with the Sparrow clutched in its talons and flew to our fence. Adjusted it's meal and then took off over the fields. As can be seen by the picture, this is not the first time he has dined in our garden. All I can say, is that we are really blessed with where we live and the environment we share with nature.

I've created a new page to keep a diary of the beers I've drunk and enjoyed. I will be in serious trouble if that blog gets bigger than this one!

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sandegaye said...

Good for Jayne on the haircut! I've been chopping on my own, all my life. And have often threatened to take a #1 blade to it.

My 9 yr old grandson Alec is a "Space" fan & I'm sure he was thriled to see the shuttle come home safely. We took him to Kennedy Space Center this summer, & he knew more about them than the folks working there.

I've been disappointed in Blair as well.. when he was friendly w/ Clinton, I gave him more IQ points than he deserved, I guess. I suppose he got 'Rove-erized' somewhere along the way.
There is so little 'truth' out there these days.. and when a bit of it is revealed.. Dubyah knows if he ignores it long enough, it simply goes away. Americans have the attn span of a gnat.