Sunday, August 07, 2005

A Wedding, An Anniversary and a Death

Yesterday, Margaret Anne Senay Salisbury married Andrew Barrett Rosson in Ben Wheeler, Texas at 11.00am (4.00pm BST). I've yet to see any photographs, but I'm sure that will only be a matter of time. Christine, Bethen, Jayne and I wish her and Andy all the happiness in the world and that the day went well. We all gathered at Mum and Dad's to celebrate the occasion as we not able to get across for the big day. There was Mum and Dad, Carole and Ryan and ourselves. We did a video and took some digital snaps which we could send across immediately to Meg. It was a good excuse to bet the bubbly flowing! The weather was great, and I took a few pics on my "old-fashioned" camera - you know, those cameras that use something called film. It will be a day or 2 before I'll get them back, but I will post the best ones on Flickr.

It was really good to see Ryan and Carole, as it has been some time. Ryan's band is now up and running, and their debut album is just about done. The band - Attar and The Funkadome are just about ready to get on the road. Ryan plays bass. Carole has just finished her latest film which was apparently a horror movie which turned literally into a nightmare. Apparently the Director and Director of Photography didn't really understand her role in Continuity. Ah well, all over now. We are hoping to get down to London in October during half-term.

Yesterday was also Christine's parents - Terry and Barbara's 50th Wedding Anniversary. So it was a dash from my parents house to Christine's. We are very lucky in that both out parents get on well with each other and are very happy to share the child-minding duties when required. They only live a few miles apart on The Wirral. The celebration was a reasonably low-key affair with family and relatives, a BBQ and wine and beer, but it was a good evening. Later on, me and the girls went up Bidston Hill to take photos of the observatory and windmill in the sunset. It was really great to be up there again, the light was good and the views over to Liverpool smashing. Again, if the photos are any good, I will publish.

One piece of sad news was to hear of the death of Robin Cook, MP for Livingston. He was a rare politician, a committed man of principle who rose through the ranks to high office without compromise. He resigned on the eve of the Iraq invasion when it became clear that his arguements for not following Bush's lead was not going to be heeded. He will be missed. As a man, he was a family man and a great lover of the outdoors. He died doing something he loved, climbing mountains.

Finally, England thrashed the pants off the Aussies in the 2nd Test. Series stands at 1 all with 3 to play. Can we really pull it off? I think I'm becoming a believer!


sandegaye said...

Good heavens! What a full wk-end for you!
Congrats all around. From the newlyweds to the 50th anniversary. My sister celebrated hers yesterday too. I figure if this marriage goes 50 yrs, I'll be 103 & he'll be 104. I can just see us in the nursing home fighting over the green jello.

Yes, it was sad to hear about Robin Cook..
He took a stand for his beliefs. May he rest in peace.

Cherokee Princess said...

Wow. Lots of activity. I hope you get some well deserved rest after that week end.
May we all be as committed as Robin Cook was in his life.