Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Why do I have to work?

Today I woke up to a beautiful August morning so I had breakfast on the patio. Sitting quietly, I was able to watch all the birds on the bird table and feeder. We get a whole range of birds in the garden; finches, tits, sparrows, a Robin, a Song Thrush and our new Blackbird and his missus. It certainly didn't take the Blackbird long to get established. I don't bear him any ill-will, but I think he could have been a bit kinder in his coup.

It is very quiet without the children, and with Kate Rusby on the CD playing quietly in the background, it was near perfect. Unfortunately, work was calling and so I had to leave. I do understand that if I want to live where we are, we have to work, but it doesn't make it any easier when the day is as nice as it is.

After the rain we've had recently, the garden is looking good, unfortunately the grass is growing, so it will need cutting shortly - a job I do enjoy!

At work, I can see the Pennines from my window, and I am determined to do them in the next 12 months. I wonder if Bethen can make it with me, it would be great if she could. I must admit, the tops look very inviting today.

The usual stuff seems to be happening in the world, and I know I should care, but on a day like today, I just can't find the interest in me. I do know that there is a pub at the station when I get home, so a quick pint before going home seems a good idea. I'll get Christine to join me.

Apparantly it will rain tomorrow, so going to work won't seem so bad.


sandegaye said...

Sounds like the perfect day! One should take a 'mental health day' from work from time to time.
I love the variety of birds in your yard. Here is SW Florida, our bird feeder entertains several families of cardinals. (We've gotten to know the different families.. how about that?) Hubby calls one group the 'Claudia Cardninales'. The babies are now as large as their parents, yet still squeek & shake their wings, begging to be fed. And the over-indulgent parents still cram seeds down their throats. *And we think OUR kids were spoiled.
We have a slew of bluejays. Too many to count, but you can still tell the squawking 'teens' among them. Love the way Bluejays come in for a landing.. like F-14s on a carrier ship. Meanwhile the ring-necked doves, & the mourning doves whistle their landings like helicopters. We also have the small tits, and some brown wrens, and even some woodpeckers (we never knew they liked seeds). Woody has a baby w/ him at the feeder too, not quite a full red-head as yet. And still getting the hang of landing on the feeder. They 'hang' from the lip of it & pull themselves forward.. looks difficult.
The grackles come long enough to scatter seeds to the 4 winds. Dammit..;o)
Every once in awhile Mr Hawk comes thru & the birds whisk away.. unfortunately some heavy, slow doves pay the ultimate price. Then it's like a white feather rainstorm. Ugh.. nature can be cruel.
Beyond the feeders, we see lots of crows (they'll come near when I throw out bread), a couple of peligated woodpeckers w/ a wingspan of like 3ft.
Some white egrets will walk up to the lanai door to beg for hotdogs (in lieu of fish or lizards, I guess), & we have other seabirds feeding for grubs from the front lawn.
Add to that a dozen squirrels who beg pittance from the birds at the feeder, & it feels like a regular bird sanctuary around here. Hours of entertainment for our 4 cats that watch from the screened lanai. The squirrels will even come to the screen & nuzzle noses w/ them.. no fear there.
So much for the fast life, eh?

Mark said...

Many thanks - it would have been perfect if I hadnt had to go to work.

You seem to have a wide variety of birds and other animals that visit. I must admit, I get a real kick out of seeing it. I think the secret is making sure that there is a variety of food - nuts seeds and fruit and in a variety of places - on the table, in the feeder or on the ground.

Thanks for getting in touch - hows the move to Tennessee going?

sandegaye said...

Still waiting for my house here in FL to sell. You know anyone who wants a nice place 10 min from the Gulf??
When it sells, I'll be on the freeway up to Tellico Plains!

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