Sunday, August 14, 2005

Lazy Sunday and Help Me, Please.

This has been a nothing weekend. After a week of 10-hour shifts, I had planned a lazy simple weekend, which, on the whole, went to plan. Rained most of Saturday, which meant that there was only an hour and a half of play in the Cricket - enough for Australia to save the Follow-On. Mind you, they were still be around 150 runs behind England's first innings score of 444. England have put another 280 on the board leaving Australia with 423 to win.

The children have gone over to The Wirral as Jayne is staying with Grand-parents this weekend - probably both sets. It's amazing really how the parents muck in and I'm really grateful for their support. However, it does mean that I have got Sunday to myself - Christine isn't back with Bethen until tomorrow. Plenty of beer and cricket (I'd told Christine that I might do a bike ride - ha!) and the Sunday papers.

The papers , today, had major articles on Robin Cook's funeral which took place on Thursday this week. It appeared to be a dignified affair, with representatives from all sides of Parliament and from many different walks of life. Unfortunately, the whole day was badly marred by an idiot Right-winger horse-racing "friend" who used the pulpit at the funeral to lambast Tony Blair. He was pleaded with by the family not to do it, but as usual, these people have no morals or consideration for other people's feelings and will use any and every occasion and person to spout their particular brand of negativity and hate. Wrong place, wrong time - but these people have never been blessed with a full range of Human attributes. My sympathies twice over to the family.

I've been trying to fix the Family History page, but it just doesn't seem to be working in Internet Explorer. I click on a page and it flashes to that page, but then returns to the home page. If anyone reading this can help, please leave a comment. It works fine in Mozilla which is strange. I must admit that Mozilla is a far superior browser and mail set up. It seems very robust and resistant to hacking and it is free and it is my browser of choice. Also, I think I've got my beer page sorted.

Have loaded some more pictures onto Flickr showing our celebration of Meg's wedding. Still waiting for Christine's parents pictures to come back, and I'll load those. Came across a great set of sand sculpture pictures and have made her a contact. She apparently makes them and she comes from the Netherlands.


sandegaye said...

Hi Mark! I was off camping for the week-end. Hot as hades in central FL, let me tell you!
So sorry you got flamed by The Ed-Meister. What self respecting male still calls himself 'Eddie' after the age of 10?
It must be a sad little existence to have to prey on decent blogs, since he can't seem to drum up enough on his own, to keep himself entertained.
But if he continues to force himself upon you, you can file complaints w/ 'blogger' & they'll take his site down. I've seen it done. Win/Win!
Hope your Sunday was a great one!

Mark said...

I'm not too concerned about him. I'll just ignore him, and perhaps he'll just get bored. Mind you, 3 comments on one blog, is he rattled or is he rattled!