Monday, August 01, 2005

Braces on the Teeth, and I'm a Pro!

Christine and I decided to pay for a Pro account on Flickr which means that I can organise my photographs a lot better. I don't intend to pack lots of photos on there - only those I feel are worthy of sharing. The Flickr community does seem to be a lively one, and there are masses of interesting stuff.

Our politicians are about to start an 80 day holiday, including Tony Blair, Charles Clarke and other senior Ministers (alright for some!) leaving John Prescott in charge. At least we have a fighting man in the hot seat with a proven record in the field of conflict. God help the terrorists if he got his hands on them!

Bethen now has a set of braces for her teeth. I remember when I was a kid that the last thing I wanted were braces, but Bethen couldn't wait. These days they are a fashion statement. You're nobody unless you have braces. Hers have pink inlays!

Bethen also got her school uniform today for her next school. I must get a picture of her in it before it gets ruined.

Bethen and Jayne have gone across to the Wirral to stay with grandparents this week, and we'll be joining them on Saturday for Terry and Barbara's wedding anniversary. It is also Meg's wedding day in Texas so, of course, we will be raising a glass to them. Do hope the day goes well.

Another murder in the papers. This time someone on a bus asked a youth to stop messing around and throwing chips at people. The youth stabbed him a number of times and he died at the scene. For some people, life is cheap and not worthy of respect.


sandegaye said...

How very sad about the murders. Crimes seem so much more 'fatal' these days. Even here locally, police stand accused of shooting an unarmed man in the back, after using a Taser gun on him.. w/ a yard full of children present!
What is UP w/ people?! I think you're right.. there is just less & less of respect for life.

Marjorie said...

Concerning the youth that stabbed the bus rider, I suspect the youth was middle school aged. Teachers have always said among themselves that it is more likely that a person might be killed by a middle school student than a high school student (I am not sure how you would refer to these groups in England). In the last couple of years, there has been a TV show on USA public television that explained why this is so. It is not until puberty that the frontal lobe thickens. The new brain area is for judgement. This is why the early teen years are so critical. Smoking and drinking alcohol during these years affects the growth of these new brain cells.

Teachers have long observed that middle schoolers do not have judgement. Now I know there is a biological basis for this. I am very sorry that someone lost life in this way.

Mark said...

Thanks Marjorie for your post. Unfortunately, I do have to disagree with you. Respect is a learnt aspect of personality, and children learn it from their parents. It just seems to me that more and more children are wrapped in their own world where other people don't seem to matter and consequence of action is not considered. It does appear that the youth was between the ages of 16 to 20 which would make him post-pubescent.

Many thanks for sharing your thoughts and please come back again.