Friday, August 12, 2005

Is Eddie a Democrat?

A strange thought occurred to me on the train into work. Could Eddie be possibly a Democrat? My reason for thinking this is that some of the things he says are so outrageous and off the wall that no rational person could honestly believe them. I even get the impression that some of the comments are tongue-in-cheek. Could his blog be a deliberate attempt to turn off potential Republican voters? It could be so, but if anyone is thinking of a flirtation with the "patriotic right", they need to be shown this site, and let them read the comments left by people who appear to genuinely hold those views and it might persuade them to consider voting another way. I notice he's removed his "Letter to his Grandparents"! Perhaps it made him feel sick as well!

Anyway, onto other things. England are still doing brilliantly in the Test Match, and I'm still annoyed that I'm missing it. England made 444 All Out in the first innings and our bowlers have really had a field day today. Australia are presently 210 for 7 needing another 35 to save the Follow-On, but with only 3 wickets remaining, my money is on England. My apologies to any visitors, and I quite understand if you think I'm talking rubbish or finally lost it, but this is Cricket and more importantly, this is Cricket against Australia, a country we've not won a series against for quite some time.

Bethen is off to Guide camp on Monday and she's really looking forward to it. We've got her new boots, and I think a walk over the moors might be a good idea to break them in - especially as the Black Dog Pub in Belmont makes a fitting end to any walk. Of course, I'll have to take a radio so I can follow the cricket. Bethen is really looking forward to this, and I hope she has a great time. Takes me back to when I was off to Scout camp many years ago. So much of what I feel and enjoy was born at that time, and I hope something similar will happen with Bethen. She already enjoys walking and cycling and she's done a climbing wall or two in her time without any problem. As Christine and I are working, Jayne is off to Grandparents for a few days.

One more week to my holiday. No plans as yet, but decorating the house has been mentioned. I'm saying nothing. Something not quite right with the Family History page so will try and sort it out over the weekend. I've just had a look at my beer page - that's not working properly either. It looks like it's going to be a blog tidy up weekend.


Eddie said...

Nice dreaming Mark. It's amazing what the left can dream of on the way to work. By the way, do you think Tony Blair is also a murderer, since you come from a Country with quite the checkered past?

Mark said...

Welcome back Eddie. I still feel that the best way to stop rational people from voting right-wing is to show them your site. What happened to the Letter to your Grandparents? and yes, Tony Blair is as equally culpable in the deaths of innocents as Bush. It's just that it's harder for me with Blair, because I once thought he was a Human Being. By the way, do you have legs?

Eddie said...

I am proud and honored that you invite people to my site. By the way, how are the fees the BBC forces upon its' citizens coming along?

Did you know my grandparents? Oh wait, that's impossible, they couldn't wait to get out of Europe, but thanks for asking.

Eddie said...

Another curious question, do you view England as the center of the universe? Is your opinion on Iraq more important than the Kurds, the Shi'ite's, or the Israeli's? I laugh so hard when I read Western Europeans, many of whom have nations that are dying out, literally (check declining birth rates under replacement), thinking they know best, better than the rest of the world.

Mark said...

Hi Eddie,
Clearly you enjoy my site. Please spend as much time as you like. As you know, the UK is the centre of the civilised world. Why do you fear Europe so much? As I said before, people only attack what they fear, and you and your friends are clearly frighten of us - why. Really we do like you generally as people. I just wish that you could stay in your own country and let us in the Free World live our lives in peace.

As for deminishing populations, that could have a couple of reasons. One we take a responsible attitude to World population, or secondly, the polution you lot export to us is killing us off.

Cherokee Princess said...

Mark I hope you are having a great week end!

Eddie said...

UK is the center of the civilised world? LOL, you're too funny. Thanks, I will be back as time permits.

Last time I checked, we have done nothing but wasted our hard earned dollars defending your nations, see the COLD WAR. We have no desire to interrupt your socialist love fest. Please continue to fail on your own. The USA will continue to innovate and dominate technology.

By the way, not my friends, just random bloggers who work hard and have open minds like I do. Godspeed. Eddie.