Monday, August 15, 2005

A Strange Day, Australia get the Draw!

With so many people off work today for one reason or another, today has been a really hectic day - and if I find out that they've been to the cricket, there will be trouble! Hopefully, there will be a few more in tomorrow.

Bethen is off to Summer Camp with the Guides. The weather is looking fair this week, but the nights are likely to be chilly. We've got her a superb sleeping bag, new boots, thick socks and plenty of warm clothing so I'm sure she'll be OK. In some ways, I really envy her. I've come to the conclusion that childhood is wasted on the young as they never appreciate it at the time. Jayne is over with Grand-Parents, though which ones, I'll find out later.

Today is, VJ day (Victory over Japan Day). I asked Dad if he was going to any of the commemorations, but he said no. He would much rather remember the day with his Grand-Daughter. Can't argue with that. Dad was also a Dunkirk vet, and I feel he was more at home with the people who went through that than his comrades from Burma. The children in Bethen's class still remember when Dad went into the school to talk about that time, and they were quite impressed when, at one point, Dad started to cry. The children were absolutely superb and dealt with it really well.

Well, I am now emotionally exhausted. Australia held on to secure the draw in the Third Test. England were unable to remove a ninth wicket to secure the victory they deserved. Any way, its on to Trent Bridge - a true seamer's wicket.


sandegaye said...

I wish I understood cricket, because you make it sound like a really fun game.
But, like understanding electricity, some thing are better left an enigma.

What a wonderful Dad, to go to a school & tell his experiences. Very giving indeed!

I hope the girls are having a wonderful time, & will post their pictures when they return!

Cherokee Princess said...

Why don't we have cricket here??

Or do we???

sandegaye said...

We're still trying to decide if we'll let soccer stay in this country.. that's how backwards we are. But don't get started on testosteroni football! Men will start smashing beer cans against their foreheads, & that's not a pretty sight.

Mark said...

Soccer without the hooligans, now there's an ambition. Many thanks for your comments. Cricket isn't my first love, but when it comes to playing Australia at anything, irrational patriotism breaks out. Rugby, Cricket I just can't help feeling passionate about winning.

Thanks for your comments about Dad. I am who I am because my parents are who they are. Perhaps I didn't appreciate what they were doing when I was a kid, but I do now.

sandegaye said...

Very true about our parentage. Mine were excellent (both deceased now). I hope Cherokee Princess can say that her mom was 'adequate', when I'm dead & gone. ;o)