Friday, August 05, 2005

England Take Charge

After thrashing the Aussies all round Edgbaston yesterday, they proceeded to bowl them out for 100 less than England today. Hopefully, the Aussie's cockiness has gone a step too far this time, and the Ashes are truly returning to England after so long.

For those of you who have just read the above and think I've finally entered my dotage, I'm talking about Cricket. This essentially English game is very much a cultural event, but it does include some aspects that fit me perfectly. Test matches take 5 days; much of the time not a lot happens which means I can go and get a drink and not miss anything; I can drink all day and sit in the sunshine (if it is one of those rare days) or the bar if it is raining and it gives me much opportunity to talk with other like minded souls. We even take an interest in the match from time to time! However, unfortunately today is a work day.

Tomorrow is niece Meg's wedding to Andy. Unfortunately for us, the wedding is taking place in Texas (the home state of Bush - eeek!) but I suppose it goes to show that there is goodness everywhere, even Texas. However, we are all getting together at Mum and Dad's to celebrate, and hopefully I will get the web cam up and running. Carole and Ryan are coming up from London to be with us, so we should have a good time. This will then be followed by all of us going to Christine's parent's house to celebrate her parents Terry and Barbara's 40th wedding anniversary. So tomorrow should be a good day all round.

This is likely to mean that there will not be a blog entry tomorrow (or if there is, it probably will not be worth reading!)

I loaded some more pictures on to Flickr today, a couple of which were taken at Wigan Pier. George Orwell didn't make the place up - there really is a pier. Strange place as it is closed at the weekend; a time when people would probably want to visit, but the pub there does sell a rather nice pint of Sunny Jim.

Last night on the news, George Bush was on talking about terrorists and a thought struck me. Why does he always smile and look happy when the subject of terrorism arises?

Anyway, I don't want to end the week negatively, so the weather is picking up, a good weekend in prospect, and only a couple of weeks to my holiday. Life is good.


sandegaye said...

Congrats to Meg & new hubby!
And the cricket games sound as long as major league baseball games. It's a lot more fun to be there 'live' drinking beer & eating peanuts. ;o)

You called it right on Bush's sly grin when he talks about his favorite subject.. war. It's all a game to him.

On the upside.. where are you going for your vacation/holiday?

Cherokee Princess said...

Insanity usually wears a smile.

On to better topics...congrats to Meg. May she find many wonderful years before her.
Have a great time!!

I love the pics you've posted. We definitely do not have that kind of history here.

Mark said...

Meg's husband is Andy - I'm now going to change the entry. Thanks for your comments.

Mind you Tony Blair is trying very hard not to be out done. Apparantly freedom of speech is to be a casualty because if someone says anything about terrorism that the government doesn't like, then they can be deported. What a fun world. Who's actually winning?