Monday, August 29, 2005

One More Game To Go! and Katrina

Yesterday, England won the Fourth Test against Australia at Trent Bridge. If I have a heart attack, the blame will lie squarely with this England side.

After performing brilliantly over the previous 3 days, they clearly decided to put all supporters through the mill. On Saturday, England forced Australia to Follow On (that is when a team's First Innings score is less than 200 behind the other teams First Innings score: England scored 477; Australia scored 218) and put them into bat again. This time, Australia dug in and scored 387 leaving England to score 129 in their Second Innings to win. This should have been a stroll in the park. No pressure! Block and only score on the bad balls.

No, England decided to do it the hard way and allow Shane Warne and Brett Lee to run amok through the recognised batsmen. It was left to the England tailenders, Matthew Hoggard and Ashley Giles to wrap up the match. It was Giles who scored the last 2 runs off Warne which is poetic, as Warne has taken Giles' wicket 4 times in the series.

It's now off to The Oval for the last match. If Australia win, they keep the Ashes, if its a Draw or England win, the we regain the Ashes for the first time since 1989. I'm seeing my doctor for extra strength heart tablets!

To find out why the series between Australia and England cricket is called the Ashes then click here.

And to find out about the Laws of Cricket, then click here - good luck!

My thoughts are with all in the Southern States of America - particularly in New Orleans, as they prepare for Hurricane Katrina. I hope everyone stays safe and well. Good luck!


sandegaye said...

Hope you survive this series! And that England wins whatever prize there is out there.

I agree, many prayers for the people of LA/MS/AL. Even as far away as FL is from the action, we're still getting winds from it.. unreal.

Julie said...

good luck w/ the series!

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